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Sorbitol Crystallined

Application: Sorbitol crystallined is Sweet, odorless, white
powder,widely used in Confectionery,especially in
Chewing gum. Sorbitol powder is also be applicated
in Processed meat & seafoo,d to prolong their shelf
Standard: BP/USP E420

CAS.NO.: 50-70-4

Mesh size: 10-20, 20-60, 40-80

HS CODE: 290544

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Product details

Sorbitol Crystalline

With a sweet taste, Sorbitol Crystalline can be used as nutritive sweetener, humectant, chelator and stabilizer.

Food with Sorbitol Crystalline is edible for diabetics, hepatopath and cholecystitis suffers. Sorbitol Crystalline can be used in ice cream, popsicles, cakes, drinks, biscuits, bread, pickles and candy. For the lower sweetness contrasted with saccharose and effective prevention against certain bacteria, Sorbitol Crystalline is widely used in toothpaste, sugar-free gum, sugar-free foods, vitamins, cigarettes and cosmetics. As a food additive, Sorbitol Crystalline is an essential food ingredient in our food supply.

Specifications of Sorbitol Crystalline:

Name Sorbitol Crystalline
CAS No. 50-70-4
Chemical Formula C6H14O6
Specification FCC IV/USP 24
Packing In 25kg bags
Functional use Sweetener
Items Specifications
Appearance White and odorless crystals or crystalline powder
Content 99.0% min
Water content 1.0% max
Sorbitol purity 98.5% min
Total sugar 0.3% max
Reducing sugar 0.1% max
Specific Optical Rotation +4.0 ° --- +7.0 °
Residue on ignition 0.1% max
Arsenic 1 ppm max
Heavy metals 5 ppm max
Nickel 1 ppm max
Lead 0.5 ppm max
PH(50% solution) 5.0 - 7.0
Sulphate 10 ppm max
Chloride 10 ppm max
Particle size 10 - 20 mesh or 20 - 40 mesh
Total plate count 100/g max
E. Coliform Absent in 1 gram

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