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Sodium saccharine

Application: Sodium saacharine can be as 450-500 times that of sucrose,powder or granule,dwidely used in Confectionery,Food and Beverage. Sodium saacharine is intensive sweeteners,is widely used in foodstuff, drinks, medicines, fee,delectricity plating in stead of sugar.

Standard: BP,USP,EP


Mesh size: 5-8,8-12,10-20,20-40,40-80

HS CODE: 292511

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Product details

Item Standard
Identification Positive
Melting point of insolated saccharin °C 226-230
Appearance White crystals
Content % 99.0-101.0
Loss on drying % ≤15
Ammonium salts ppm ≤25
Arsenic ppm ≤3
Benzoate and salicylate No precipitate or violet color appears
Heavy metals ppm ≤10
Free acid or alkali Complies
Readily carbonizable substances Not more intensely colored than reference
P-toluene sulfonamide ≤10ppm
O-toluene sulfonamide ≤10ppm
Selenium ppm ≤30
Related substance Complies
Clarity and color solution Colorless and clear
Organic Volatiles Complies
PH value Complies
Conclusion:Complies with BP98/BP2000/USP25

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